The Translator Alligator

Translator Alligator

How to Play:

  • will show a word.
  • For each screen, identify the correct word in the foreign language. Click on the correct word, or type in the name (spelling counts).
  • If you select levels 3 or 4, you will be given a foreign language word and have to answer with the correct English word.

Pick the language and level you wish to play and click "Show Me the Words" to begin.

Spanish (as spoken in Spain)

Level 1 : Click on the correct Foreign language word (multiple choice).
Level 2 : Spell the correct Foreign language word.
Level 3 : Click on the correct English word (multiple choice).
Level 4 : Spell the correct English word.

Basic Words
Words from School
Around the House Words
Numbers and Months
People Words
Food Words