Math Baseball - Two Players

Two Player Version

If there are two players, enter first name, or a nickname (not your full name) and select a level. Click "Play Ball" to begin. Your first name or nickname will be used solely to identify players during the game on a one-time basis. Your name will not be retained. Please review our Privacy Policy.

  • Player #2 pitches by selecting a type of problem. Player #1 bats by answering the problem.
  • After three outs, Player #1 gets to pitch and Player #2 gets to bat.

Player #1's First Name:

Player #1's Level:

Player #2's First Name:

Player #2's Level:

Algebra Style:

Fast Ball

Math Baseball

How to Play:

  • FUNBRAIN will give you a math problem.
  • Enter the answer to the problem and hit the "Swing" button.
  • If your answer is correct, you will get a hit. The computer will decide if the hit is a single, double, triple, or home run based on the difficulty of the problem.
  • If your answer is wrong, you will get an out.
  • The game is over after three outs.
  • Click here if there is 1 Player.