Free Math Games for Kids

Soccer Shootout
Have fun with fractions and win the soccer game.

One False Move
Step into the wrong room and you'll be doomed.

MathCar Racing
Gear up your math skills and win the race.

Tic Tac Toe Squares
Get three in a row to prove all you know.

What's the Point?
Keep track of your coordinates on the graph

Operation Order
Use algebra to build a pyramid

Measure It!
Find the length in centimeters or inches.

Cookie Dough
Write numbers and make a cookie fortune.

Number Cracker
Get the secret code or get soaked.

Math Baseball
Score runs with your math skills.

Guess the Number Plus
Hey, who turned on the lights?

Power Football
Kicking field goals requires brains.

Shape Surveyor
Train to be an archaeologist.

Line Jumper
Jump on the right number.

Change Maker
Never get short-changed.

Fresh Baked Fractions
Fraction Jackson is hungry for pi.

Guess the Number
Are you feeling clucky?