Chicken Blast


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Coyote Concentration Screen

Coyote Concentration

Learn to recognize number sets one through 6 in this classic matching game.

Number Stampede Screen

Number Stampede

Learn to recognize numbers 1 through 10 by dragging the cows with the matching numbers into the lasso.

Prairie Puzzle Screen

Prairie Puzzle

Complete the puzzle depicting this fun Steampunk Riders character.


Read the RangerKidz Book

Read the RangerKidz Book

Zane and the Steampunk Riders: Perfume Bandits
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Zane and the Steampunk Riders

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Zane and the Steampunk Riders is a whole new kind of adventure series for children 5 to 8 years old, featuring a cast of Wild West characters and cool sci-fi gadgets.
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