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Line Jumper: In this number line game, students click on various points on the number line. It is excellent for teaching addition, subtraction, and negative numbers.

Math Baseball: Score runs by answering math questions. Addition, subtraction, multiplication, division. Four different levels of difficulty make it appropriate for all grade levels. Math Baseball also introduces basic algebra.

MathCar Racing: Utilizing one's mathematical and logistical skills, game pits student against computer to win a car race. Each player gains points by choosing which math expressions within a table will gain him/her the most points, while leading his opponent to score less or lose points. Three levels of difficulty covers addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

Number Cracker: Players are given a series of numbers with one number missing. They must find the missing number by solving a mathematical pattern. Four different levels of difficulty covers addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and algebra concepts.

Oddball: Not every one is the same. Players click on the picture that is different from the others in the group. For pre-school and early elementary.

One False Move: This haunted house adventure game teaches players how to order numbers from lowest to highest, and vice versa.

Order Me Around: In this game, players need to put things in the correct order. Examples include ordering geographic regions from west to east, historical events from earliest to most recent in time, etc.

Paint by Idioms: Students learn many different idioms by identifying them, their meanings, and their usage in sentences.

Piano Player: Learn how to read music. The most basic level teaches the octave and notes on the keyboard. The hardest level is for practicing all notes on the bass and treble clefs.

Plural Girls: Players are given a word in singular form. They must click on the correct plural form. Harder level requires players to correctly spell out the plural form.

Power Football: Students score field goals with decimals. Addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division are covered as well as algebra concepts.

Proton Don: The player is shown the periodic table and the name of an element. They must click on that element's periodic table symbol. The harder level requires players to type the name of the element whose symbol is highlighted on the periodic table.