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Scramble-Saurus: Use your brain power and the given clue to unscramble the letters to form a word.

Shape Surveyor: This game shows students rectangles of various dimensions. They calculate the perimeter or the area of the shapes.

Sign the Alphabet: Learn the alphabet using American Sign Language.

Space Hopper: In this astronomy game, players are shown the image of a constellation along with its mythological or scientific background. They must identify the correct name of the constellation. This game includes a tutorial mode.

Spell Check: Four words are shown. Players click on the one spelled incorrectly.

Spellaroo: Players are given a sentence with a misspelled word. They are to click on that word.

Stay Afloat: This hangman-style game categorizes the words by subjects. The player clicks on a letter and if the letter is in the word, it is shown to the player. After seven wrong guesses, the boat sinks. Players are also given clues to help guess the secret word. Word categories include animals, rainforest, geography, cells, climate, geology, musical instruments, World War II, and composers.

2Bee or Nottoobee: In this game, players learn the usage of auxiliary verbs am/is/are and was/were. Players are shown a sentence with a missing verb. They must click on the correct verb to complete the sentence.

Translator Alligator: The player is shown an English word, and they must either click on or type in the foreign language translation. The game can also be played with the foreign language word being displayed, and the player has to click on or type in the English translation.

Wacky Tales: Write your own short story by filling in nouns, verbs, etc. Users practice using parts of speech.

What's the Word?: Students click on the word that best describes the picture. For pre-school and early elementary.

Where Is THAT?: A geography game where players are shown a continent with a nation or state highlighted. The easiest level is multiple choice and the hardest level requires that you type in the capital (spelled correctly). This game is challenging for everyone from late elementary students to United Nations employees.

Who Is THAT?: In this biography game, players are given facts about U.S. Presidents or famous scientists and mathematicians. There is a multiple choice level as well as a harder level where the players must spell the name correctly.

Word Turtle: This is a seek and find word puzzle where you enter the words that are hidden. This puzzle promotes pattern recognition, spelling, and vocabulary. It can also be used to teach themes. For instance, you can create a puzzle having to do with rainforest vocabulary words.

Writer's Block: This is a board where users can express themselves in writing based on a given weekly topic.