Word Games Online for Kids, Teachers & Parents

Word Confusion
Do you know the difference between these words?

always I place mis my letters.

Infoplease Word of the Day
Strengthen your vocabulary.

2Bee or Nottoobee
What's the buzz about being?

The Plural Girls
Help the kitties pop the bubbles.

Paint by Idioms
Add color to your language.

Grammar Gorillas
Monkey around with your grammar skills.

Stay Afloat
Don't get soaked by the wrong word.

Word Turtle
Make your own word search puzzles.

Hop on the misspelled word.

Spell Check
Something is wrong with one of these words.

Wacky Tales
Write your own crazy story.

Sign the Alphabet
Use your hands to communicate.

What's the Word
Read new words.

Translator Alligator
How do you say boca grande?